Fede has been appointed as an eLife Reviewing Editor for Cell Biology.


We welcome a new PhD rotation student from the Wellcome Trust Programme: Ines Jmel Boyer.


Our paper BUB-1 targets PP2A:B56 to regulate chromosome congression during meiosis I in C. elegans oocytes has been accepted for publication in eLife. See accepted manuscript here.


We wrote a spotlight on a paper in JCB from the McNally group. You can find the links here: spotlight; original article.


Sam’s first preLight is out: Nicely done!


We welcome Marketa Novotna, Wellcome Trust PhD student, to the lab for her rotation. Marketa will be cloning, expressing and purifying proteins and hopefully performing protein-protein interaction assays.



We are very excited to share the first bioRxiv preprint coming 100% from the lab!!! You can have a look here.


Fede went to represent the lab to the Max Perutz Labs in the Vienna Biocenter. Great day of science chats with Verena Jantsch, Alex Dammermann, Chris Campbell, Egon Ogris, Shamba Saha (@SahaLab3), Peter Schlögelhofer (@the_PS_lab). See the related Twitter thread here.


We had an amazing time during the Pelisch Lab dinner at Gallery 48


We welcome MRC DTP PhD student Sam Taylor, who joins us for a 3-month rotation project.


Welcome Conchita Fraguas Bringas, who (re-)joins the lab for her Honours Project.


Our manuscript on the regulation of protein dynamics by SUMO during oocyte meiosis has been accepted for publication in JCS.


The PhD students from the ITN DivIDE put together an amazing conference. Well done guys!


Fede will present the work from the lab in a seminar in the Institut Jacques Monod.


First preprint from the lab. This work relates to Fede’s last bit of work in Ron Hay’s lab and was finalised during the first year of the Pelisch Lab. See BioRxiv Preprint.


Fede will be giving a seminar in the University of Edinburgh, hosted by Dhanya Cheerambathur. See more.


New bioRxiv preprint highlighted in preLights by Fede.


Fede will be attending the Genie Worm Cytoskeleton in Tel Aviv on February 7 & 8.


Laura’s first meiotic recordings on dissected oocytes – much faster learning than the PI. Well done!!!

Upcoming Conferences (2019)

CNRS/Jacques Monod: Mitotic and Meiotic cell cycle control and execution

EMBO: Chromosome segregation and aneuploidy

GRC Chromosome Dynamics

DivIDE: From Pole to Pole – Molecules and Mechanisms of the Spindle

EMBO Meiosis

EMBO: The ubiquitin system: Biology, mechanisms and roles in disease  

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