Lab Members

Current Members

Federico Pelisch – Principal Investigator


Laura Bel Borja – Post-Doctoral Research Assistant


Laura is focusing on identifying and characterising protein complexes required for chromosome segregation in C. elegans oocytes.

Sam Taylor – MRC DTP Rotation PhD Student


Sam will focus on identifying and characterising specific phosphorylation events.

Conchita Fraguas Bringas – Honours Student

Ben Vrackie 

Conchita will focus her project on understanding how sumoylation and phosphorylation hold together protein complexes involved in Meiosis I.

Former Members

Carmen Espejo Serrano – Wellcome Trust PhD Student (Rotation)


Carmen spent three months in the lab working on the mechanisms of action of the SUMO E3 ligase GEI-17.

Conchita Fraguas Bringas – Summer Student (funded by Medical Research Scotland) 

Conchita characterised the localisation of SUMO proteases during meiosis and mitosis in C. elegans.

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